Sunday, May 31, 2009

Valencia Race 02

Because of the broken differential gear in first race Kristians car needed to be repaired for the second race. Therefore he had to start last in race 02. It was a long way and he gained four positions during the race and finished P20.

All in all a bit of a disappointing weekend for Kristian in Valencia.

Valencia - Race01

Kristian had a fantastic start and gained almost ten positions. But unfortunately the differential gear broke on the first lap and he was out... The car is easily repaired and Kristian is ready for the second race.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Valencia - with alot of weight

Although they still have to claim their first victory of the season the BMW 320si cars are the fastest WTCC machines so far according to the calculation determining the compensation weight for the next event.

The compensation weight for Valencia was calculated taking into account the lap times set in the three previous events (Mexico, Morocco and France).
The BMW emerged as the reference model and will receive a 40kg ballast for the races in Spain, while the Chevrolet Cruze (0.4 seconds slower) will be laden with 30 extra kilos and the SEAT Tdi (0.5 seconds slower) with 20.
All the other cars – LADA 110, SEAT León TFSI and Alessandro Zanardi’s BMW 320si (the only one equipped with a sequential gearbox) – will have 20kg deducted from their minimum weight.

Compensation weights Valencia

+ 40 kg BMW 320si
+ 30 kg Chevrolet Cruze LT
+ 20 kg SEAT León TDI
- 20 kg BMW 320si Zanardi, LADA 110, SEAT León TFSI

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crazy sunday in Pau...

Sunday started with an ok warm-up session. First race; Kristian started 21 and didn't have the best start...but he finished the race at P16. Second race - Team mate Franz Engstler started second and Kristian 16. Franz had a good start and got the lead position. But at the second lap the safety car drove out, rigth in front of Franz, and he had no chance to avoid - a major crash with the safety car. Something that just cannot happen - a giant mistake from the safety car.

The race was suspended and a new start was made - behind safety car. Kristian was now in P13 and going fast. Climbing to P10 - second in the independent. At the last lap the drive shaft broke and Kristian was out...but then the two cars infront of Kristian crashed which resulted in a red flag - the race was off and the drivers kept their positons from lap 19...bad luck turned into good luck this time. But the most important thing was that Kristian drove a very good race and showed that he has got the speed.
See you in two weeks in Valencia - Spain.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Saturday - training and qualifying...again problems with the car! After qualifying the cars were in park freme until 10 o'clock...yes in the evening. It must have been a long night for the mechanics, as they had to work a lot on Kristians car. Hopefully everything works today.
Warm up is at 9 am.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pau - France

We are in Pau in the south of France, for the 4th round of the WTCC. Pau is a beautiful city with a fantastic view to the Pyrenees. The circuit is rigth in the centre of the city. They have been racing in Pau since 1920.
Today the guys have prepared for tomorrows testing and qualifying. It's all about getting to know the circuis and finding the rigth setup for the car.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Essex Porsche wins at SPA

The 1000 km race at Spa just finished and the team Essex won the LMP2 and got an eighth position overall. The team started first in their classification and managed to keep the leading position throughout the race. Congratulations to the whole team - well done guys!

Friday, May 8, 2009

1000 km at SPA

The Essex Le Mans team are participating in the 1000 km race at SPA this weekend.
Kristian Poulsen, Casper Elgaard and Emmanuel Collard are the three drivers in the Essex Porsche.
Today - first free practice - 90 min.
Saturday - Second free practice and qualifying
Sunday - 1000 km race

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Next stop SPA

We are home from Marrakech...and we miss the nice temperature (it's very easy to get used to 32 degrees and sun)
But Marrakech was not only positive and the races didn't go as planned for Kristian. In first heat Kristian was pushed off by d'Aste at the third lap. The car was repaired and ready for the second heat...but now Kristian had to start last. The start went well, but before the end of the first lap, cars craching in front of Kristian hit the car and he was out again...a very depressing experience. Only 13 cars finished the second race in Marrakech.
Team mate Franz Engstler had on the other hand a very good weekend in Marrakech and finished first of the independ drivers and P8 overall - congratulations Franz well done!

Next stop is SPA where the Essex Le Mans team is participating in the 1000 km Le Mans series race - this weekend.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Qualifying in Marrakech

Qualifying yesterday went well for Team Engstler Motorsport. It was very nerve-racking Kristian was P15 and P3 independent till the very last minute, where Porteiro and Coronel passed him with only a tenth of a second. Kristan will start P17 overall and P5 independent in the first race of the Marrakech Grand Prix, with three independent drivers on P16, P15 and P14 - It is going to be close race. Teammate Franz Engstler had a fantastic qualifying and starts P7 overall and P1 independent. Way to go Franz...

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Friday the guys were preparing for the first 30 min training - this circuit is new to everybody so nobody has an advantage from experience with the circuit.
The training went well, getting to know the track and finding the right setup saturday - qualifying.

The circuit

The circuit is situated right outside the hotel. It has been built specially for this event and it is the first time in 50 years that they have had a race in Marrakech. It is a very fast circuit with three straights, one almost 2 km long only interupted by two chicanes. We ran the track yesterday, and it feels like it goes on forever...


We arrived in Marrakech Wednesday morning. The first day was spent sightseeing and enjoying the fantastic weather - 30 degrees and sunny.
Except for the WTCC race at the moment, Marrakech is full of history and craftmanship. Yesterday we (the girls) went to the Souk - a large traditional market that covers a large area of the historic centre. Here you can buy everything - handwoven blankets, leather goods, spices, name it. There are no prices and you have to bargain about everything - it is hard work to shop in Marrakech and I think the guys were happy to be at the circuit ;)