Friday, March 27, 2009

Preparing for Le Mans

As you have probably already heard Kristian is driving the Le Mans this year.
In company with Casper Elgaard and Emmanuel Collard, Kristian Poulsen is driving the Team Essex Porsche Spyder in this years Le Mans.
The Le Mans is a demanding race and both physical and mental training are part of Kristians preparations. Several times a week Kristian is training with personal trainer Erik W Pedersen. The next official Le Mans test is at the Bugatti circuit on April 23-24.

Home from Mexico

Well, Mexico was not the best of success. Kristian was down on luck which resulted in not finishing any of the two races. On the positive side that the team managed to find a great setup for the car and Kristian had the speed to compete. Now, we hope for better luck next time - in Morocco.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Qualifying in Puebla just finished and Kristian is pleased with the result - P17 and P4 independent, with only 2 tenths to Coronel at P2 independent.
Race 1 tomorrow is going to be exciting - it is close race...
Farfus is pole position and Priaulx P2, followed by four SEATs - nice to see the BMW's in front ;)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday - at the track

Today we had 30 minutes of testing at the track. The test is all about getting to know the track and begin to find some speed. Kristian ended P17 and P4 (independent). Tomorrow we will try a different setup at the free parctice which will hopefully pay off... Qualifying is at 16 pm (11pm Danish time - at Eurosport)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting ready

Today, thursday everything was made ready for fridays 30 min training. The pitgarages, the cars and everything else. In the afternoon Kristian and all the other drivers went to the centre of Puebla city for an autograph session. People were standing in line to get close to the drivers and the cars. Training, and the first laps at Autódromo - Puebla, is friday at 3pm - (11pm in DK)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Autódromo - Puebla

The track is more or less in the middle of nowhere. Kristian, Danny and mechanic Hans walked the track to prepare and discuss the setup of the car.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mexico - Puebla

After another flight across the Atlanic Ocean we arrived in Puebla Mexico. Puebla is situated 2600 meters above sea level, at the bottom of the vulcano La Malinche. The first day was spent sigthseeing in Puebla - a very old city. Today the rest of the team arrive, and then - the race track - unpacking and preparing for the weekend. The weather, by the way, is fantastic :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bye Bye Brazil

After the last race in Brazil everything was packed up and shipped off to Mexico, for the next race in only two weeks. Brazil was fantastic and we already miss the lovely Brazilian weather the fantastic food and friendly people..will definitely be back :)
See you in Mexico...Kristian, Danny and the rest of the team are ready.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Just before the second race thick clouds gathered above Autódromo Curitiba. Then the sky opened and everything was wet...I think this is what they call a thunderstorm overhere.
Because of the heavy rain the start had to be done with safety car. The field was spread out at start. Kristian managed to get good speed in the car and overtook Boardmann at the very last lap. He finished P18 all in all and P4 for the independent drivers. Team mate Franz Engstler finished P16 and P3.


The first race of this season started out well. Kristian gained 4 positions in the start and had good speed in the car. He gained another 3 positions during the race to a P14 all in all and a P4 for the independent drivers. But after the overtaking of Colak, who he was driving 1,5 sec faster than, he was pushed off and the race ended in the sand for both Colak and Poulsen.
Fortunately the car does not seem to be damaged and Kristian is ready for the second race.

As good as new

The mechanics have worked hard to get the car ready from yesterdays "kiss on the wall". Good job guys...The car is as good as new and the 15 min warm up went well. The weather is perfect and soon it is time for the autograph session and then finally the race that we are all waiting for.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Qualifying...a little too fast

After having got good speed in the car unfortunately Kristian ended up in the wall after only 3 rounds...
Kristian is checking out the damages.

But it is not all bad luck for the team. Team mate Franz Engster had a good qualifying and came in P15 all in all and P2 for the independent drivers.
The mechanics are now working to get Kristians' car ready for tomorrow - warm up 9.30 (Brazil time)

Getting faster and faster...

The second free practice went well...Kristian is getting faster and faster on the track. Above are the lap times. But it is the qualifying later today that counts.

The annual family photo

The WTCC "family", the BMW drivers and Kristian and Franz

Free Practice 01

The first free practice of the day - Kristian used the practice to get to know the track.

Friday, March 6, 2009

30 minutes of testing...or NOT

The test...well it did not go as planned. The fuel pump broke down when Kristian drove out. BAD LUCK!

The official weigh-in

The drivers are checked too...helmets, hans (head and neck support) and weight.

Getting the cars ready

The team is working hard to get the cars ready for technical control. For the next three hours everything is carefully checked by FIA to make sure all cars are legit.