Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crazy sunday in Pau...

Sunday started with an ok warm-up session. First race; Kristian started 21 and didn't have the best start...but he finished the race at P16. Second race - Team mate Franz Engstler started second and Kristian 16. Franz had a good start and got the lead position. But at the second lap the safety car drove out, rigth in front of Franz, and he had no chance to avoid - a major crash with the safety car. Something that just cannot happen - a giant mistake from the safety car.

The race was suspended and a new start was made - behind safety car. Kristian was now in P13 and going fast. Climbing to P10 - second in the independent. At the last lap the drive shaft broke and Kristian was out...but then the two cars infront of Kristian crashed which resulted in a red flag - the race was off and the drivers kept their positons from lap 19...bad luck turned into good luck this time. But the most important thing was that Kristian drove a very good race and showed that he has got the speed.
See you in two weeks in Valencia - Spain.


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