Friday, November 20, 2009

Qualifying in Macau

Friday was a day for training and qualifying in Macau. Kristian got a bit more experience and managed to cut off another 5 sec of his lap time. There was a lot of waiting before qualifying because of crashed cars on the circuit. But finally, 30 min delayed, the circuit was ready for the WTCC cars and the last qualifying of the season. Unfortunately d'Aste crashed on the first lap and the car stayed on track - an opstacle on the already narrow circuit. It was difficult to get a fast lap because there was yellow flag throughout most of the qualifying. But Kristian managed to stay on track and qualifyed for P21 at the first race on sunday - just after Thomson and Engstler.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

First training in Macau

Today, thursday the first 30 min training was driven at the Macau circuit. It is a city circuit like the one in Monaco, so it is public street, transformed into at race circuit. The circuit is very demanding, 6.2 km long, narrow with 29 turns and outlined by safety fence. The lap time is approximately 2.30 sec.
Kristian used the first training to get to know the circuit...
After the training Kristian says "It is a fun track, but very demanding, and difficult to remember each turn. I took it very easy today and just concentrated about getting to know the circuit, tomorrow speed will be added. I am looking forward to tomorrow for another 2 x 30 min training before qualifying. "

See you...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

WTCC - has gone far east

The WTCC has arrived to Asia - Japan, Okayama, where the second last race of the season is on this weekend. Everything has to be unpacked from the containers and prepared for the race. Everybody is working hard to get the cars ready and finding the rigth set up for the car. The circuit is new to Kristian, who is looking forward to the race and the first laps at training tomorrow.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Qualifying at Imola

Qualifying at Imola went well...Kristian managed to get good speed in the car eventhougt the circuit is new to him and he only had 2 x 30 min training. He starts 19 tomorrow and 5 independent. It was close race - there is only 0.5 sec between Poulsen and d'Aste who was the fastest independent driver.
As you can see the weather in Italy is fantastic - sun and 26 degrees. Luckily the weather is nice in Denmark we are not too jealous ;)

See you tomorrow at Eurosport:
8.30-9.00 Satyrdays qualifying
9.00-9.30 Warm-up - LIVE
12.30-13.30 Race 01 - LIVE
14.30-15.45 race 02 - LIVE

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Qualifying at Jyllandsringen

Today, saturday at this weekends DTC was all about training and qualifing for the race tomorrow. After the first training Kristian gave advice to Roland...eventhough it looks like he is about to hit him. I think he is trying to explain something about a specific turn...
Kristian Poulsen qualified P9, 0,8 sec after Casper Elaggrd who got the pole position for tomorrow. Younger brother and debutant Roland Poulsen did very well and drove a P15 and his best laptime yet - 1:12,4 - WELL DONE Roland.
See you tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Testing for the DTC Grand Prix

Summer vacation is over and yesterday Kristian Poulsen and his younger brother Roland were testing at Jyllandsringen for the race this weekend.
For Roland it was his debut in a BMW, but it was going well and he spent most of the day getting to know the car.
Kristian and the team worked on the setup for the weekend...
See you Saturday at 3pm for qualifying.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Race 02 - Brands Hatch

After a very good start where Kristian managed to stay out of trouble - he was P16. Then the safety car was set in - because the medical helicopter had to take off.
On the first lap after the saftey car was in, Y. Muller overtook Thomson and Poulsen at the same time. Afterwards it was close race between Thomson and Poulsen and Thomson pushed Poulsen off into the sand....and then it was game over for Poulsen.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Race 01 - Brands Hatch

Even though Kristian had to start last, because of the change of engine, he managed to get a good start and came out P15. There was a lot of chaos in the start and safety car was set in.
Everything was going well, Kristian had good speed and gained on Porterio, but then the gas pedal broke and he was out. He managed to get the car on track again and finished the race P20 and P6 independent.
The cars are in parc freme now, and the mechanics only have about 12 minutes to repair the car before the pit lane closes for race 02...but that should be all rigth and Kristian and the car will be ready. Let's hope for a good second race...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Qualifying at Brands Hatch

Saturday, in a WTCC weekend, is as usual for training and qualifying. Kristian and the mechanics, Robert, Hans and Danny have been working hard to find the perfect setup for the car - and it is getting there. Throughout the day is has been better and better. In qualifying Kristian was P22 and got his fastest lap time of the day. It is very close...only 1.4 secounds between Kristian and the pole position.
For the races tomorrow they have changed a bit and Kristian is positive and looking forward to a good race here at Brands Hatch.

We are at Brands Hatch...

The WTCC circus has arrived at Brands Hatch and Kristian has been looking forward to driving here. Brands Hatch is one of his favourite circuits. It has got a lot of history and is it a fun circuit to drive - so they say...
The last two days the guys have been unpacking, setting up the pit and got the cars ready - it's alot of work. This weekend Engstler Motorsport has got three cars in the WTCC. Young talent Philip Geipel is also driving this weekend.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Race 02 - "new" engine

Well, the start was less dramatic in the second race, and Kristan had a good start. He gained a couple of positions. Unfortunately he lost them again during the race. The brand new engine, that broke yesterday, was changed..but the "new" engine is not as good as the other one...and Kristian is loosing almost a second on the straight part of the circuit. The engine has to be changed again before Brands Hatch, but this costs ten positions...

Race 01 Porto

The first race of the day had a crazy start...the circuit is extremely narrow and alot of cars crashed during the start. Kristian managed to get around most of the chaos but then cars packed competely in the second turn...and there was a red flag. Kristian managed to drive to the pit and the mechanics got the car ready for the restart.
At the restart of the race Kristian had to start from the pit. Unfortunalely he got a penalty drive through, because he drove to the pit during red flag.
During the race he managed to catch up with the cars infront and at the last lap he overtook Thomson and finished P17 and P6 independent.
All in all a good result considering all the obstackles on the way. And best of all he was really fast...
Race 02 is at 16.50...let's hope for a less dramatic race.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Qualifying in Porto

Qualifying went allright...Poulsen starts P20 and teammate Engstler P19. (P5 and P6 independent)
A few ajustments have to be made on the setup for the race tomorrow.
Warm-up is at 9am and Race01 at 11.35..see you tomorrow on Eurosport :)
(Photo 1: WTCC)

Last practice before qualifying...

The practice went well... just untill the brand new engine broke...speaking of bad luck.
The mechanics are working hard to change the engine and getting the car ready for qualifying at 3pm.

Driving in Porto

The WTCC is in Porto this weekend. The race is at a circuit in the city made for the occation. The Circuit is 4.7 km long and has 22 turns and is very narrow - a quite demanding circuit.
The first training of the day just finished and Kristian is getting faster and faster. It is all about getting as much practice as possible before qualifying at 3pm. Next and last half hour training is at noon...
(Photo 01: WTCC)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kristian in the speaker box

Today Kristian is in the speaker box commenting on the FIA Formula masters race Live from Brno. The danish driver Kasper Andersen won the last race in the series in Valencia.
It is at Eurosport at 12pm...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The show must go on...

Still high and tired upon Le Mans last weekend, the show must go on and Kristian had to leave for Brno today, for the next round of the WTCC. So, back in the BMW this weekend...
Follow qualifying and the race LIVE on Eurosport.
Saturday: Eurosport 2
15:00-15:45 FIA WTCC Brno: Qualifying
Søndag: Eurosport
08:30-09:00 FIA WTCC Warm up
12:45-13:30 FIA WTCC Brno: Race 01
14:30-15:45 FIA WTCC Brno: Race 02

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Celebrated at the City Hall

Yesterday, Kristian Poulsen, Casper Elgaard and Teamowner Peter Halvorsen were invited to the City Hall by mayor Nicolaj Wammen. They were congratuated on the winning of Le Mans and asked to write in the book of the city of Århus.

And she song...

Finally she song... and Casper drove the car across the finishline at 15 pm, as the first car in the LMP2 and the Winner of Le Mans 2009 (LMP2). It was amazing and very moving. The whole team had worked so hard and made no mistakes, within the whole race...and it paid off.
What we had all been dreaming off came through. The first danish team to be on the podium at Le Mans ever. Congratulations to the drivers and the whole team - well done!