Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday morning...

In the early morning hours with Collard behind the weels there was a crash. Team Goh - the other LMP2 Porsche drove into the Essex Porsche and both cars had to pit. The mechanics did an amazing job reparing the car and it was back on track within 5 minutes.

At 4.27am after a couple of hours of rest Kristian got ready to drive. Casper had just finished two stints and Collard was in the car...still leading but it was very close race.
The sun was getting up as Kristian drove out of the pit. "It was fantastic to see the sun getting up behind the Dunlop curve racing the leading car" Said Kristian. Casper and Collard drove the car all night and needed rest to be able to do the rest of the race.


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