Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Finally in Curitiba

After 25 hours of travelling we finally arrived in Curitiba...
Brasil is a long way.
The weather is fantastic - 30 degrees and sunny :)


Unknown said...

Hi you all,

Looking forward to follow WTCC from this blok. NICE weather:-) All the best from DK.

B.R. VibWin

Engstler Motorsport GmbH said...

Hi Kristian,

i wish you a good start into the new season and a nice weekend. I bet 50€ you will beat Franz and i need the money... :-)

Ronny @ Snow
Engstler Motorsport

VE2 said...

Cool blog - we'll be keeping an eye on you!!


Unknown said...

good luck on saterday !! it could be nice to see you in the eurosport, so try to been in the top 10 :) !!

lovig said...

Hi Kristian
good luck on sunday!! and thanks to the euro sport because they are sending it

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